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                      Renate Rittmeyer-Müller, Walter Rittmeyer, Hannes Rittmeyer and Team


The blinds and the elephant

Once upon a time, there were five wise scholars. They were all blind. Their king sent them out to find out what an elephant is. So the blind men travelled to India. Soon they found a helper who led them to an elephant. Standing around the elephant the five scholars were now trying to get a picture of the elephant by touching it.

When they came back to their king, they told him about the elephant: The first wiseman had stood at the head of the animal and touched the trunk. He said, "An elephant is like a long arm." The second scholar had felt the elephant's ear, and said, "No, an elephant is pretty much like a great fan”. The third scholar said, "No no, an elephant is like a thick pillar." He had touched the elephant's leg. The fourth scholar said "So, I think an elephant is like a little stripe with a few hair at the end," for he had only touched the tail of the elephant. And the fifth wiseman told his king, "So, I say an elephant is like a huge mass, with curves and a few bristles on it." This scholar had touched the animal's body .

After these contradictory statements, the scholars feared the king's anger, since they could not agree on what an elephant really is. But the king smiled wisely, "I thank you. Now I know what an elephant is. An elephant is an animal with a trunk, like a long arm, with ears like fans, with legs like strong pillars, with a tail that resembles a small stripe with a few hairs, and with a body like a large mass with curves and a few bristles."

                                                                                               - Author unknown -


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