Together with our customers, we develop special solutions for ultrasonic welding applications.

We showcase construction designs that might help you with your production needs:


Sonotrode attachments

In many cases, the solution does not need to be a completely new sonotrode. Interchangeable sonotrode attachments are cheaper to manufacture and thus save time and money. Design and construction of our sonotrodes...

Mini Sonotrode

Extremly small contact area

This application calls for true precision mechanics. The special part for the automotive industry features a knurled welding surface of just 2.34 mm x 1.18 mm. How can we meet special requests...


Sonotrode tips and attachments

Sonotrodes are often required in large quantities due to high wear. The use of so-called "tips" or sonotrode attachments can be worthwhile. "Tips" are small replacement parts with very low mass and replace the worn working surface of a carrier sonotrode.

Important: Whether SME or large company - we supply sonotrodes in small and big quantities.

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