Do you know our machine BERI.CO.CUT V3? This machine was especially developed to cut shieldings and braidings of coaxial cables. Secondly, it was designed to process thick cables such as high voltage cables. Please take two minutes of your precious time and watch our new video on the BERI.CO.CUT V3. You will learn about a great machine to handle your wire stripping challenges:

Did you see it?

The working principle of the machine prevents harming layers beneath the coax shield.


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Do you know CUT V3's "little brother"?

The BERI.CO.CUT convinces customers since years because of a low investment sum and very little maintenance costs. The working principle of the BERI.CO.CUT is solely mechanic, thus this machine has very few possible sources of error. Would you like to learn more? Please review our brochure.