Coaxial-cable stripping machine BERI.CO.MAX V2

Coaxial-cable stripping machine BERI.CO.MAX V2

The machine is available in two independent versions:
head type K1 and head type K2.

outer diameter head type K1: up to 0.95″ (24,0 mm)*
  head type K2: up to 0.69″ (17,5 mm)*
stripping length up to 3.94″ (100,0 mm)

* depending from isolation

  • linear adjustment of the blades and centering for highest precision
  • solid stop rod for accurate stripping length
  • easy and quick change of blades
  • further information in our brochure

A wire stripping machine designed for special cables

The BERI.CO.MAX V2 is a stripping machine for big cables and designed for the processing of coax and high-voltage cables from about 1,0 mm (0.04”) up to 24,0 mm (0.95”) OD (head type K1) and from about 1,0 mm (0.04″) up to 17,5 mm (0.69″) OD (head type K2) and for stripping length up to 100,0 mm (3.94”). This machine allows an operating range unique up to now.

BERI.CO.MAX V2 – Stripping corrugated cables & sucoform cables

The BERI.CO.MAX V2 (head type K1) owns two pairs of blades, located across from each other. The head type K2 version uses a stripping head with four knives where all knife blades are on the same cutting line for exact right-angled cut. With this head it is possible to strip:

  • sucoform cables
  • corrugated cables.

BERI.CO.MAX V2 – Designed for high voltage cables

The BERI.CO.CUT V2 was especially designed to process high voltage cables. HV cables have become an important wire stripping application. Please check our special hv cable service for you. We have processed over 200 different types of high voltage cables in the past years.

Please have a look at our braiding cutter BERI.CO.CUT and the braiding cutter BERI.CO.CUT V3 for high-voltage cables.

 Would you like to learn more about our machines and the stripping of high-voltage cables? There is also a page where you can find out everything you need to know about stripping high-voltage cables.


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