Stripping and twisting machine AV.TWIST.15Stripping and twisting machine AV.TWIST.V2

Outer diameter up to 0.18“ (4,5 mm)*
Stripping length from 0.06“ (1,5 mm) up to 0.60” (15,0 mm)

* depending from insulation

  • linear adjustment of blades and centering
  • paraboloid of revolution instead of cone for optimising the line of force
  • all control elements are easily accessible
  • adjustable spring loading of centering function
  • processing of very short cable ends possible
  • for use with various blade types:
    • v-blades
    • die-blades
    • flat blades
  • easy decoupling of the stripping and twisting functions
  • easy, quick and precise [+/- 0.004” (0.1 mm)] adjusting of strip length possible – even while the machine is in operation mode
  • precise adjustment to the diameter of strands by means of a micrometer screw

Video AV.TWIST.15:

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