Last year ran the contest: New be-ri machine to win!

We are looking for the oldest AM.STRIP.1 or AM.STRIP.2 stripping machine. Who has it?


AM.1 from 1968



Our offer: We will exchange the oldest AM.STRIP stripping machine still in operation, which was developed by our father and grandfather back in the late 1960s, for a new one!

Machines of the AM.STRIP series are probably the world’s oldest machines in cable processing technology, which are still being built almost identically today. They have been existing – originally under the name AM 1 – for more than 50 years…

Since the company was founded, we have been building robust, durable and virtually indestructible machines. Considerations such as ” follow-up business due to spare parts requirements” or “planned finite useful life/obsolescence” are far from our minds. On the contrary, we have nothing against our machines lasting “a lifetime”.

A long service life is, among other criteria, still our design principle today. But we can only guess how long our machines will actually be in operation.

“Who owns the oldest machine?”

The owner of the oldest machine wins. He will receive a new one!

This competition was valid until the end of the year 2022

News you will hear shortly.

Family Rittmeyer

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