Trade Fair Report productronica 2017

We would like to extend a special thank you to all those that visited us at our booth. Your feedback and use cases allow us to improve our machines and adapt them to your needs. This way you are making an important contribution not only as a source of inspiration for our engineers, but also for the future of the entire company. We are very thankful for this contribution.


The demand for special developments is growing

Several years ago, we decided to implement special developments for cable machines together with our customers. At the trade fair we have again received many development requests that can be served by special machines. For this reason, we would like to present a special development that we have realized in collaboration with a customer. Our tabletop machine BERI.STRIP.IT is the basis for this development and was set up for use in an automatic machine. The following video shows how the machine is controlled externally and how programmable commands are implemented:


Flexible and affordable units for (fully) automatic machines – The answer to the increasing demand for flexibility and automation?

It is particularly noteworthy that our universal stripping and coax head BERI.CO.FLEX is established in the market. At the trade fair, visitors were able to examine a total of 4 FLEX stripping heads in different machines. This is particularly important to us, since for concrete applications in (fully) automatic machines, the performance of this stripping head is even more evident than in our demonstration machine at our booth. Easy programming, accurate centering and very precise cutting were repeatedly highlighted as particularly valuable. We are currently considering the enlargement of the head for cable diameters up to Ø35 mm as an improvement that allows for the processing of even larger high-voltage cables .


New release – BERI.CO.MAX – V2

We introduced our new stripping machine BERI.CO.MAX – V2. The machine processes coaxial cables up to a stripping diameter of 24 mm and a stripping length up to 100 mm in a multi-stage and fully programmable manner. The machine received positive feedback (all brochures had been taken by the 2nd day) and is currently undergoing “final test cycles” with selected customers. As soon as the machine is available we will inform you via our newsletter.



BERI.CO.CUT systems are well perceived – BERI.CO.CUT V1 and V3

The follow-up of the trade fair is always a challenge for our production units.

Our machines for screen processing were particularly well received. The punching cut with a cutting tube is used to prevent damage to the underlying layer. In combination with cutting lengths up to 400 mm*, these two machines provide high flexibility for the machining of coaxial cables. Further development towards increased automation and, consequently, the processing of larger quantities of high-voltage cables is in planning. The use of the CUT system in an automatic machine is also currently under investigation.


Information on the BERI.CO.CUT V3

Information on the BERI.CO.CUT V1





We experienced the trade fair and the overall atmosphere in the cable industry as extremely positive. The fruitful discussions with existing and prospective customers and colleagues give us confidence for the coming years. Our booth was very popular once again and we were presented with many constructive requests and ideas. We hope to be able to implement many of them in 2018 and would like to thank all our customers and partners. We wish you a joyful Christmas period and happy last days of the year,

Your team at FEINTECHNIK R.Rittmeyer GmbH



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