Rotating-Clamping Element MOD.KLEMM.MAXV2

Rotating-Clamping Element MOD.KLEMM.MAXV2

Processing electrical wires and cables in a precise working plane according to our SIX-TEC Principle is not only useful when cutting – also clamping and other mechanical tasks often require a precise radial contact in a defined working plane.

The module MOD.CLAMP.MAXV2 works as independent rotating clamping element according to the SIX-TEC-Iris Principle.

  • Ø Passage of approx. 0.03“ (0,8 mm) up to approx. 1.004“ (25,5 mm)
  • Adjustable clamping strength (by means of external propulsion)
  • Pre-rounding of cables (of advantage in case of non- round cables)
  • Clamping elements directly in front of blades
  • Continuous adjustment of desired Ø

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