The be-ri SIX.TEC Principle

The requirements for cable processing quality, especially for precision at the cuts, have been soaring for the last years and decades. In particular high-voltage lines for electric and hybrid vehicles, but also other coaxial cables, have now to be manufactured according to the strictest quality standards. It has swiftly proved necessary to find and apply new mechanical solutions for the processing of high-voltage lines and coaxial cables.

It is for that reason that we have developed a new working principle for an exact cutting, retaining and guiding of those cables and we have called it the “be-ri SIX.TEC Principle”:

Label be-ri SIX.TEC

All our be-ri machines, modules and devices showing this label are each set out with 6 cutting-, retaining-, press- or guiding elements, similar to an iris diaphragm.

The advantages of this principle are:

  • Continuous adjustment of all diameters of the work area
  • All iris tools are at the same work level
  • Almost radial contact towards the cables and lines insulating layers
  • Even distribution of the press-on forces
  • Easy mechanical changes and infeed of the iris tools
  • Also possible processing of complicated insulation materials

This be-ri SIX.TEC Principle was presented for the first time in the stripping head BERI.CO.FLEX and has since then been successfully used in many other variants –in machines but also in modules for example. The be-ri SIX.TEC applied as work principle can be found in the following machines and modules of our company:



Stripping- and coax-head ----- outer diameter up to 0.67" (17,0 mm) ----- stripping length depending from stripping machine


Iris Blade version with 6 blades ----- Suitable for high-precision automatic processing up to 4.72“ (120 mm)


Ø passage of approx. 0.03“ (0,8 mm) to approx. 1.004“ (25,5 mm) ----- Adjustable clamping strength ----- Clamping elements directly in front of blades ----- Continuous adjustment of the desired Ø


Mechanic auxiliary device for the opening of meshes within coaxial and high-voltage cables ----- Manual operation

Please, feel free to contact us if you are looking for specific and new solutions when processing your high-voltage lines. We do not know everything, but we love technical challenges!

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