Rotating stripping machines

Wire stripping machine


40 years ago, the cable stripping machine AV0″ of FEINTECHNIK R.Rittmeyer GmbH was one of the first industry-standard machines with rotating blades.


The AV0 no longer exists. But the working principle with rotating blades has become established worldwide for many applications. Many insulation of cables can be processed properly only with rotating blades. *


* Stripping of coaxial cables also work with rotating blades; these are in the category Coaxial-cable stripping machines.

* Even cable stripping machines with simultaneous twisting of the strands work with rotating blades; these can be found in the Stripping and Twisting machines.




Electro-pneumatic stripping machine with rotating blades ----- Outer diameter from 0.08“ (2,0 mm) up to 0.95” (24,0 mm) ----- Stripping length from 0.2” (5,0 mm) up to 6.3” (160,0 mm) ----- Partial stroke from 0.2” (5,0 mm) up to 6.3” (160,0 mm)...


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