Steel sonotrodes are used both in plastic joining technology and in ultrasound metal welding. In both cases, however, the handling is very different.

In the plastic joining technology sonotrodes made of steel are used in particular in the processing of fabrics and films because sonotrode and anvil do often touch and this creates wear and tear. Therefore, the sonotrode should be as hard as possible and constructed in a way so that it can be reground. The effective direction of such steel sonotrodes is the same as for other applications in the ultrasonic technology.

When welding metals (wires with small contact plates for example) the working surface of the sonotrode is usually tilted by 90 °. A sonotrode for metal welding oscillates as one in the plastic joining technology, but the actual work and contact surfaces are sitting sideways.

We offer sonotrodes for all ultrasound welding techniques.

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