Stripping- and coax-head BERI.CO.FLEXStripping- and coax-head BERI.CO.FLEX

Outer diameter up to 0.67″ (17,0 mm)
Stripping length depending from stripping machine
  • For flexible use in special installations
  • Can also be used as a “stand-alone” solutioncompact design
  • Continuous flow with no length limit
  • 6 blades, resulting in large cutting surface
  • Optimum cutting results
  • All mechanical functions inside the cover
  • Radial, pulling knife cut

The control module BERI.CO.FLEX CONTROL can be purchased separately:

Current software version V1.9.9.1

Next to some general improvements we implemented a new function called “load last cable”. After booting the device and a succesfull home drive the last cable is automatically loaded and ready for production. That is very helpfull if the FLEX is implemented on an automatic machine that basically produces one type of cable.

BERI.CO.FLEX + Kappa 330:

BERI.CO.FLEX Strippinghead:

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