Ultrasonic wave measuring tool USM 3.1

USM 3.1

The USM 3.1 ultrasonic wave sensor measures quickly and easily the amplitude and frequency of sonotrodes.

In order to be able to make quick and favorable statements about the quality of sonotrodes, we have developed the ultrasound wave measuring head USM 3.1.

This small tool can be connected to any standard oscilloscope and allows the frequency and amplitude measurement in the simplest way, due to its small size also during the production process. This makes it possible for every user to estimate the quality of the sonotrodes used quickly and with minimum effort.

The measuring head is also available in a smaller version USM 3.1 – mini for measurements on small sonotrodes.

An overview of the functionality and application of the USM measuring head we have compiled as .pdf (excerpt from the operating instructions).

Video USM 3.1:

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