Sonotrode Construction by Independent Specialists

  • Development – Manufacturing – Hardening (for steel sonotrodes) under one roof
  • Individual and specialized solutions to your specifications
  • Production of complex geometric forms
  • Over 30 years’ experience in sonotrode development
  • Extensive library of sonotrode designs
  • Titanium, aluminium, steel, and other materials available
  • Production independent of machine manufacturers
  • Fast delivery times – sonotrodes produced entirely in-house
  • Frequencies available: 15kHz (commonly used for respiratory masks), 20kHz, 30kHz, 32kHz, 35kHz, 40kHz.

We are an independent sonotrode manufacturer. The calculations (performed with FEM software), dimensioning, and precise manufacturing of sonotrodes are critical for a high-quality welding result. We have focused our knowledge and experience on these principles and have been building high-quality, low-cost sonotrodes for all types of welding machines for decades. Our precision-mechanical workshop in Münster is ideal for this type of work.

In addition to manufacturing sonotrodes, we also offer:

In order to simplify the work with this technology, especially for beginners, we have created the small brochure “Lousy Waves” to explain the operating principle of “Ultrasonic Welding”, as well as some of the most important sonotrode defects that may arise during the welding process.

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