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Thermo-Module BERI.MOD.MAGIC

The Thermo-Module BERI.MOD.MAGIC within the Cable Processing

In order to generate warmth by means of an electromagnetic alternating field, the BERI.MOD.MAGIC is universally applicable in: production lines, or as attachment on subsequent processing machines.

As a functional element, it can be integrated into processing machines such as stripping machines.

Thermo-Module BERI.MOD.MAGIC integrated into BERI.MACH.MAGIC

Thermo-Module BERI.MOD.MAGIC integrated into BERI.MACH.MAGIC

Operating Principle:

The desired pre-damaging of a film, for example, takes place by transferring heat – this allows an easy stripping. A special feature is that the introduction of warmth does not happen through the non-stripped cable sheath.


  • Contactless pre-damaging of foils, fabrics (separation aid), coatings, such as lacquer (Precondition: foils, fabrics, lacquer are in direct contact to the layers with metallic parts)
  • No pre-stripping of cable sheath necessary
  • Safe and cost-effective design
  • Universally applicable in production lines, either as attachment or integrated into processing machines

If required, you can ask for the full thermo-module system BERI.MOD.MAGIC consisting of: mechanical unit, inductor-adapter block – adapted to geometrical conditions, oscillator, cooling and control system – customizable to a master-slave system.


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