Pneumatic stripping machine AM.STRIP.015Pneumatic stripping machine AM.STRIP.015

Outer diameter up to 0.20“ (5,0 mm)
Flat cable up to 0.32“ (8,0 mm) width
Stripping length from 0.06″ (1,5 mm) up to 0.6“ (15,0 mm)
Partial stroke from 0.04“ (1,0 mm) up to 0.6“ (15,0 mm)

Special Characteristics:

  • extremely short stranded wire ends can be processed
  • exact parallel guide of the blades heads
  • putting in the cable from above
  • blade change lightning fast
  • sensor release of the stripping process
  • self-centring clamping jaws
  • air blow-out (to avoid isolation rests)
  • pressing power of the clamping jaws self-regulating

Overview functions:

Configuration and adjustment:

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