Pneumatic stripping-machine AM.STRIP.1

Outer diameter from 0.04“ (1,0 mm) up to 0.46” (12,5 mm)
Flat cable up to 0.79“ (20,0 mm) width
Stripping length* up to 2.56” (65,0 mm)
Partial stroke up to 9.84” (250 mm)

* Full stroke

Optional Devices:

  • Slitting device for slitting and stripping flat cables
  • Special blade head constructions for graduated or 2step processing (tests and construction are necessary in our company)
  • Stripping stop rod for greater stripping length (partial stripping)
  • Stroke limitation for partial stripping and quicker working
  • Pneumatic sensor
  • Light barrier for very precise stripping results

The difference between AM.STRIP.1 and AM.STRIP.2 are stripping diameter and stripping length.

Video AM.STRIP.2:

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