The design of ultrasound sonotrodes and reception tools for the plastic joining technology requires extensive knowledge in design and manufacturing. We have specialized in this technologically highly demanding work and have been building sonotrodes in different frequencies and for welding machines from all manufacturers for decades now. We pay particular attention to a long service life of the sonotrodes, to best oscillation characteristics, to uniform amplitude distribution and off-load power.


We determine and calculate the best geometry of a sonotrode already in the designing phase. Thus, time-consuming adjustments during production are largely obsolete, as all crucial parameters such as external geometry, waveform and vibration behavior, frequency, etc. have been considered previously.


Therefore, we are one of the few manufacturers being able to guarantee for the quality of our sonotrodes. Our warranty applies to all aspects of development and production. The development security and production safety which we have achieved imply considerable quality advantages, and particularly time saving. We are happy to pass resulting cost savings to our customers.