Coax shielding cutting device BERI.CO.CUT V3Shield and Braiding Cutting Device
BERI.CO.CUT V3 + Versions S1 – S4

Outer diameter from 0.16” (4,0 mm) up to 0.91” (23,0 mm)*
Length of shielding up to 15.75” (400,0 mm)*

* depending on insulation

The BERI.CO.CUT V3 distinguishes itself among other things by:

  • Braidings are trimmed neatly and accurately
  • A safe, simple and quick separation of the braidings
  • robust and suitable for an industrial environment
  • Even for braidings of non-round wires
  • Damage of layers under the braiding not possible
  • BERI.CO.CUT cuts shieldings and braidings reliably and accurate
  • Effortless work for pneumatic assistance
  • Start cutting by using a button built into the handle

Description of the BERI.CO.CUT V3

The electro-pneumatic BERI.CO.CUT V3 (version 3) is a high-precision cutting machine for shielding and braiding of cables and wires. The shielding, especially of high-voltage cables (HV), is separated in a clean, effortless and safe way (e. g. HV cables from LEONI, Coroplast, Kromberg & Schubert, Aptiv, Huber + Suhner etc.).

The separation of the braiding is done pneumatically. The working area keeps an open access for the manual handling, such as spreading the braiding and positioning the cutting tube. Changing the toolkits is a straightforward process which can be done within seconds.

The working principle of the machine avoids, thanks to its construction concept, any damage to the underlying layers of the braiding (such as dielectric, other shields, internal cables, etc.).

BERI.CO.CUT V3 with braiding opener and braid scraperBERI.CO.CUT V3 Variants

The functionality of the machine can be
significantly extended by additional optional tools
(see variant S1 below).

BERI.CO.CUT V3 – S1 Order no. 126.0000.14 with braiding opener (retrofittable)

braid scraper

The braid scraper is a small tool that is supplied as standard for all BERI.CO.CUT V3 (order no. 126.5100) from the end of 2021. Whether it is useful in individual cases can be decided on site depending on the requirements.

See the following video to learn about features and see the machine in action:

The BERI.CO.CUT V3 and its new functions:


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