Coax shielding cutting device BERI.CO.CUTCoax shielding cutting device BERI.CO.CUT

Outer diameter from 0.16” (4,0 mm) up to 0.91” (23,0 mm)*
Length of shielding up to 15.75” (400,0 mm)*

* depending from insulation

The BERI.CO.CUT distinguishes itself among other things by:

  • Braidings are trimmed neatly and accurately
  • Easy to use
  • robust and suitable for an industrial environment
  • Even for braidings of non-round wires
  • Damage of layers under the braiding not possible
  • BERI.CO.CUT cuts shieldings and braidings reliably and accurate


BERI.CO.CUT with process monitoring:

BERI.CO.CUT with special tools:

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