Renate Rittmeyer-Müller


The FEINTECHNIK R. Rittmeyer GmbH in Münster was founded in 1966 by our parents Ruth and Bernward Rittmeyer (be-ri) – since 1987 the company has been continued by us, Renate Rittmeyer-Müller and Walter Rittmeyer. The accession of the founder’s grandson Hannes Rittmeyer in 2008 thus already marked the third generation of activity in our family business.

Renate Rittmeyer-Müller is glad to answer any questions concerning our cable-processing machines.


Tel: +49 (0)251 96115-0

Mail: renate.rittmeyer [at]

Walter Rittmeyer

CEO; Engineering

Walter Rittmeyer is at your disposal for all questions regarding medical technology as well as precision mechanics in general.

Tel: +49 (0)251 96115-0

Mail: walter.rittmeyer [at]

Hannes Rittmeyer

Management; Engineering

Dipl.-Ing. Hannes Rittmeyer joined the company in 2008 and specializes in sonotrode design and cable-processing machines.

Tel: +49 (0)251 96115-0

Mail: hannes.rittmeyer [at]