For cables with already pre-assembled functional elements

AM.ALL.ROUND 2CLAMPThis version, the AM.ALL.ROUND 2Clamp, is a function-extended standard AM.ALL.ROUND.

The machine is equipped with 2 separate, individually strength adjustable clamp systems. This allows the stripping of cables which, due to previous production processes, already dispose of other functional elements. This happens, e.g., with coaxial high-voltage cables which already dispose of “support rings”.

 Kabel mit Stützring

However, this machine may also process other types of cables with additional functional elements which hinder a further processing of inset conductive layers (inner conductors, dielectric etc.).

In the following video you will see the AM.ALL.ROUND 2Clamp in practical use, integrated within the high-voltage processing BERI.HV.LINE.


AM.ALL.ROUND Clean blades:

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